bitcoin block erupter usb, bitcoin block erupter usb ...

I have two "ASICMINER Block Erupter 333MH/s ASIC USB BTC Bitcoin Miner SHA256" can somebody help me on what software do i need that will use these usb asics and mine bitcoin or any other crypto coin. (i don't care if is it profitable orn not)

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Antminer S3

Hello. I am getting into mining just as a hobby and would like to know what power supply I should get if I buy two Antminer S3's. Is it still a good miner for a hobbyist or should I find something else. I can get 2 used for $40~ Thanks!
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My first 30 days running a Bitcoin only E-commerce business.

The MineNinja store,, has been up for a month now, so I figure its a good time to reflect on the whole experience of running a business that accepts Bitcoin exclusively. I’ve run other E-commerce websites, mainly selling digital products for PayPal. In my previous experiment I tried adding Bitcoin payment to one of my best performing products and honestly got less than stellar results even offering a huge discount.
After studying the market I determined that a better path was to offer a product that would appeal to one of the core segments of the Bitcoin participant population: Bitcoin miners. The MineNinja is a Bitcoin mining controller for managing USB connected ASIC devices.
I underestimated how difficult the whole process would be from manufacturing to shipping. The first few orders were very painful to fulfill. There were many late nights spent trying to dial in the packaging and shipping. 3d took some time to get dialed in correctly, and we threw away a ton of failed prints. It was a great learning experience.
I also learned that keeping everything denominated in Bitcoin is risky. When the price of Bitcoin fell, and I didn’t update my pricing quick enough, we had sales that resulted in a net loss. I could eliminate this risk by pricing in USD, but it’s a matter of principle to keep it all Bitcoin.
I didn’t do any sort of advertising, no Adwords or anything like that. All I have done is just a few posts on bitcoin and Bitcoin related forums. I did a total of 28BTC worth of sales for the first month.
Startup Investment - 3D printer: $2195
Cost of Goods Sold:
The USD denominated supplies were personally funded. I am trying to keep all the BTC earnings in BTC. I am moving my supply chain to Bitcoin as practical. I found a cool 3d Printer company that accepts Bitcoin payments so next month’s personal finances will be a little better. I’m still having to pay USD to buy the boards as I have not yet found a supplier that accepts Bitcoin payment.
I don’t think my decision to go with a completely open source solution hurt sales too badly. Most customers chose the more expensive ready-to-mine options over the build-your-own. I got hit hard for BeagleBones when the BTC price dropped, and I didn’t adjust prices, but thankfully my low inventories and a recent rebound in price insulated me from disaster.
Now that I have shut down my GPUs, I can move the business from the dining room table to the room we now refer to as the "crap room." The big weekend project is to clean it out and convert it into the CoinNinja headquarters.
I’ve got quite a few cool things planned for the MineNinja project and other CoinNinja Open Source projects. Stay tuned.
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Mining on a raspberry pi 3, Need some pointers.

Okay guys. I have a 24 hour deadline to finish this project and need some help from the Reddit community.
I bought a raspberry pi 3, a 5 inch lcd, and this usb asic miner off of ebay. The usb miner will be ready tomorrow, but I was wondering what I can do today to make sure that I can properly demonstrate that the computer mines bitcoin.
So here are some things I need help with. I know that I will hardly earn any money, but I am not creating this project for that reason
1) What pool should I be using?
2) Will the pi be able to handle the power needed by the miner?
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Updated FAQs for newcomers

TL:DR: Don't bother mining if you want to get rich yo. You're way too late to the party.
Welcome to the exciting and often stressful world of bitcoin! You are wondering what looks like a once in a lifetime opportunity to get rich quick. Of course you guys probably heard about this "mining" process but what is this?
Simply put, a bitcoin mining machine that performs complicated calculations and when deemed correct by the network, receives a block which contains 25 bitcoins (XBT). This is how bitcoins are generated. So your brain instantly thinks, "Holy shit, how can I get on this gold rush?"
Before you proceed further, I would like to explain the concept of mining further. Bitcoin is limited 21m in circulation. It is coded to release a certain number of blocks at a certain time frame, ie: this year the network will release close to 500,000 bitcoins. What this means is that the more people (or specifically the amount of mining power) mine, the less each person gets. The network tries to keep to this time frame through the process of difficulty adjustments which makes the calculations harder and this happens every 2 weeks. So every 2 weeks, you get less bitcoins with the same hash rate (mining power) based on what the difficulty changes are. Recently, the changes have been pretty staggering, jumping 226% in 2 months. You can see the difficulty changes here.
Now, why are these changes so large?
A bit of a simple history. Bitcoin's algorithm runs on SHA-256. This algorithm can be solved using many hardware, from CPU to GPU and dedicated hardware (Application Specific Integrated Circuits). When bitcoin first started, mining on CPU was a trivial process, you can pretty much earn 50 XBT (the block size then) every few hours between Q1 and Q2 of 2010.
In late 2010, due to the difficulty increase that is reducing the effectiveness of CPU mining, people started to harness GPU mining. Only AMD GPU's architecture design are better optimized for bitcoin mining so this is what the community used. Immediate improvements of more than 10x was not uncommon.
In time of course, GPUs reached their limit and people started to build dedicated. In the same vein as the CPU to GPU transition, similar performance increase was common. These ASICs can only perform SHA-256 calculation so they can be highly optimized. Their performance mainly depends on the die size of the chips exactly like CPU chips.
In general, think of bitcoin mining's technological advancement no different to mining gold. Gold panning (CPUs) vs pickaxes (GPUs) vs machinery (ASICs) and we are still in the ASIC mining race.
ASIC mining started with ASICMiner and Avalon being first to the market, both producing 130nm and 110nm chips. The technology are antiquated in comparison to CPUs and GPUs which are now 22nm with 14nm slated for Q1 next year by Intel but they are cheap to manufacture and with performance gains similar to the CPU to GPU transition, they were highly successful and popular for early adopters. At that point in time since there were less competing manufacturers and the low batch runs of their products, miners became really rich due to the slow increase in difficulty.
The good days came to an end mid August with an unprecedented 35% increase in difficulty. This is due to existing manufacturers selling more hardware and many other players coming onto the market with better hardware (smaller die). Since die shrinking knowledge and manufacturing process are well known along with a large technological gap (110nm vs 22nm), you get an arms race. Current ASIC makers are closing in on our technological limit and until everyone catches up, the difficulty jumps will be high because it is just too easy to get a performance increase. Most newer products run at 28nm and most chips are not well optimized, so it will be around another 6 to 9 months before we see hit a hard plateau with 22nm or 14nm chips. The estimated time frame is because manufacturing chips at 22nm or 14nm is a more difficult and expensive task. In the meantime most manufacturers will probably settle at 28nm and we will reach a soft plateau in about 3 months.
Now, you might ask these questions and should have them answered and if you have not thought about them at all, then you probably should not touch bitcoin until you understand cause you are highly unprepared and probably lose lots of money.
No. If you have to ask, please do not touch bitcoin yet. You will spend more on electricity cost than mining any substantial bitcoin. Seriously. At all. A 7990 would produce a pitiful 0.02879 XBT (USD $14 @ $500/XBT exchange rate) for the next 30 days starting 23 Nov 2013 at 35% difficulty increase.
And if you think you can mine on your laptop either on a CPU or GPU, you are probably going to melt it before you even get 0.01 XBT.
Probably not because you probably forgot that GPUs and CPUs produce a ton of heat and noise. You can try but I see no point earning < $20 bucks per month.
No, because your machine will probably not mine as much as buying bitcoins. This situation is called the opportunity cost. While you can still make money if XBT rise in value, it is a fallacy.
IE: if you start mining on 1 Dec 2013, a KnC Jupiter running at 450Gh/sec (KnC lies as not all chips run at 550Gh/sec) will yield you a total revenue of 9.5189 XBT with a profit of 0.7859 XBT in profit by 30th Jan 2014 at a constant difficulty increase of 35%. The opportunity cost is: 8.5910 XBT @ USD $580/XBT with USD $5,000 which is the cost of a KnC Jupiter. This is the best you can earn and it's a bloody optimistic assumption because:
The only circumstances where you will earn money is when XBT exchange rates is so high that it makes the opportunity cost pales in comparison. Unfortunately this is not the case. If XBT stabilized at 900/XBT today (20 Nov 2013) then we might have a good case.
The risk is just generally not worth it. Unless you have at least a hundred thousand and can make a contract with a manufacturer for a lower cost, do not bother. Just wait until the arms race is over then you can start mining.
Okay, go buy an AsicMiner USB Block Erupter. They are cheap and pretty fun to have.
Sure, just read the answer below on who NOT to go for. You are doing bitcoin a service by securing the network and you have our (the users') gratitude.
You can check out the manufacturers and their products below along with a calculator here.
If you still insist on buying, do not to go for BFL. Their track record is horrid and borderline scammish. KnC fucked up a lot with defective boards and chips. Personally, I think CoinTerra is the best choice.
Alternatively, you can go on the secondary market to buy a delivered product. You can get a better deal there if you know how to do your "return on investment (ROI)" calculation. Personally, I will go for a 45%-50% difficulty increase for the next 3 months for my calculations and a 2% pool fee.
However, most products on ebay are sold at a cost much higher than it should. is a cheaper place because everyone knows what are the true value is so you will find less options. If you are unclear or need assistance, please post a question.
I actually do not use any of the pools recommended to the left because I think they lack features.
My favourite is Bitminter (Variable fees based on features used; max 2%). It has all advanced features for a pool, very responsive and helpful owner on IRC. Variable fees is good for those who do not need a large feature set, even with all features turned on, it is still cheap.
Eligius (0% fees) has high value for money but lacks features. It has anonymous mining which might be attractive to certain subset of people but not for others. Many other community member and I disagree highly with the opinions of the owner on the direction of bitcoin. I do use his pool for now but I do so only because I share my miners with a few partners and anonymous mining allows us to monitor the machines without using an account. Bitminter uses only OpenID which is problematic for me.
BTC Guild (3% fees) is another big pool and is fully featured and does charge a premium for their fees. That said, they are the most stable of the lot. I do use them but do so only because my hoster uses them for monitoring. I try not to use them because a pool with a very large hash rate (they are the largest) presents a large vulnerability to bitcoin's network if compromised.
All of them pay out transaction fees.
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Is it worth it?

So, I want to buy an ASIC USB ( ) For Litecoin. A calculator said I would make Around 10 dollars every day. Is it worth it?
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Been given 4 Miners. Relatively savvy with computers, can I even use these in today's setups?

Friend of mine gave me 4 BTC ASIC Bitcoin Block Erupter 336MH/S USB Miners. As far as I can tell, this isn't enough to even cover the electricity costs, but I wanted to check with the bitcoin community. The ones I have are identical to the ones here:
I have a Windows laptop that's plugged in all the time, and another old one I could completely reprogram and not miss it, could put a USB hub on it, something like that. After an hour's worth of research, I thought it best to just ask. Thank you.
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Question about USB miners.

So I'm confused. My 1060 6GB gets about 20MH/s using Ethminer with Nicehash but on the site it jumps to 35MH/s sometimes. So lets say my max Hashrate is 35MH/s. That gets me about 0.0013 btc a day. Now if A USB miner like the Block Erupter has a Hashrate of 330MH/s how could it make just $0.01 a day? It's around 10x better than my GPU speed, shouldn't it produce 0.013 bitcoin a day? I also see alot of people on this sub saying USB miners aren't even worth the cost, but if one $30 miner mines 10x faster than a 1060, wouldn't it be a great investment? Thanks
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Reddit Block Erupter USB (ASICMiner USB miner) Group Buy!

With the announcement of new USB Mining Hardware from ASICMiner (, I'm sure a lot of people are yelling "SHUTUP AND TAKE MY MONEY" but can't quite afford the minimum purchase of "more than 300 devices." I therefor propose a Reddit group buy.
My Responsibilities:
Within one hour of making this post, I will send friedcat a private message expressing interest in purchasing a group of Block Erupters.
I will keep an encrypted wallet on my computer, with an updated backup of the encrypted wallet.dat on the cloud at all times.
Within 72 hours of receipt of confirmed orders for 301 Block Erupters, I will post on this subreddit that the minimum number of orders has been reached, and, if possible, give everyone 24 hours to get final orders in. I reserve the right to place the order immediately, without the above notice, if, in my judgment, delay would risk an inability to secure an order with ASICMiner.
Upon receiving Block Erupters from ASICMiner, I will ship all units with tracking information within 72 hours.
Upon request, I will provide any of the moderators of this subreddit with my personal information, including full name, address, telephone number, and a copy of state issued ID.
If ASICMiner will not accept my order, or if by May 31, 2013, this groupbuy has not received 301 orders, then within 72 hours I will return all bitcoins sent, less transaction fees.
** Your Responsibilities **
To place an order for (a) Block Erupter(s):
  1. Send 2.04 BTC (or 2.14 BTC if shipping outside the US) per Block Erupter ordered to
  1. Post the transaction ID and bitcoin address to use to return coins to in the event that the group buy fails as a new reply in this thread.
  2. Private message me with your shipping address.
** Other Terms **
All disputes under this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of California. Parties agree to submit to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located within the county of Santa Clara, California.
No party to this agreement shall be held liable for failure of ASICMiner to ship Block Erupters.
Damages for breach shall be limited to return of bitcoins.
In the event that not all orders by reddit users can be filled, Block Erupters will be sent out on a first ordered, first shipped basis.
So, other stuff (not part of contract). Let me try to answer some of your likely concerns:
This is a scam/Why should I trust you?
Of course, you're welcome not to. That being said, here's a few reasons you might think I'm trustworthy:
Why all the legalese?
Like I just said, I'm a law student ;-)
That being said, this is pretty straight forward.
In the first section, I'm saying I'll keep the coins I receive safe, give the reddit community a last chance to get in on the order, place the order promptly, and ship the order. If I can't do that, I'll refund your bitcoins (none of the BFL bullshit where they take your bitcoins, wait for the market to explode, and refund you in cash).
If you want to order, send me money, post here with proof that you did so, and PM me where to ship your order to.
The other stuff: Don't sue me in timbuktu, don't sue me if ASICMiner does something wrong. If something does go wrong, don't expect anything more than getting your bitcoins back. I will ship out orders first made, first shipped.
I don't have bitcoins - can I use paypal or something?
Nope; that might make me a money transmitter under FinCEN regs, and I'm not bonded for that.
For what it's worth though, I'm in the same boat as you! I'll be using localbitcoins to buy some tomorrow.
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Where can I get a good/legit Block Erupter?

So I've been looking into Bitcoin mining, and I thought of picking it up as a hobby. I was looking into getting the Raspberry Pi 3 and getting a few Block Erupters. I've looked on eBay and Amazon, but I'm a little weary because they are sold by third party sellers, and I'm new to this. Is there any verified vendors that I could buy a good Block Erupter from?
Edit: Formatting/spelling
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$30 or so RPi Starting Pack for Bitcoin Mining

I'm not talking about this starter kit; rather, I'm talking about laying the groundwork for some light Bitcoin mining using a RPi Model B.
Block erupters aside, I wanted to buy a Pi and some other things for around $30 that has:
I don't know a whole lot about RPi or BTC, but I think that this list is a good one.
Short post shorter, I need your help on deciding what to buy. When the stuff comes in doesn't really matter. Just tell me what I could add, change, or remove from the list to make it better for mining. Thanks!
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**Why I Am Mining Dogecoin**

I began seriously mining Dogecoin yesterday. I spent the last several days assembling and configuring a computer for this (among other uses). I developed a strong interest in digital currency in the last month, and have been gently wading into this exciting new world that we are all building together. I have a wife, children, and a day job, and have had an unsuccessful time explaining why I'm so interested in this, and why altcoins and Bitcoin are not a pyramid scam, a joke, etc.
Here, I hope to explain my personal reasons for choosing to spend time and money in Dogecoin mining, since it may be useful to others coming into digital currencies, as they are gaining more and more press and publicity lately with many articles in the mainstream press on Bitcoin, Coinye, etc.
Only a month ago, I began to notice that Bitcoin was really being mentioned a lot in the media. I had known about it for several years, but had assumed it would just go away. It never made sense to me (it does now!), but I didn't spend much time thinking about it. I figured, "after all, there's nothing backing it", and left it at that. Obviously, I knew nothing about currencies or monetary systems at the time, and neglected the fact that nothing tangible backs a USD either.
After hearing about the Dread Pirate Roberts / Silk Road bust, I was surprised to learn that Bitcoin was alive and had grown to such an impressive value (it was around $1,000 USD per 1 BTC at the time, as I recall). Later, I heard a longer story about Bitcoin on the radio (on NPR, I believe), and was further surprised that several legitimate, real-life businesses had started to accept Bitcoins. Now, I was hooked, and needed to learn more. By the end of December, I'd read enough about Bitcoin to know I wanted to participate, but wasn't comfortable speculating in it with real money.
I knew it wasn't going to be profitable, but in early January, I spent about $40 on a USB ASIC "Block Erupter" for Bitcoin mining. This runs at 334 MH/s (using Bitcoin's SHA-256 algorithm, not Dogecoin's scrypt algorithm). This has been sufficient to generate approximately $0.75 worth of Bitcoins over the last 2 weeks that I've been running it. It gave me something to play with, but was pathetic compared to what the professional miners were doing (measured in TH/s, tens of thousands of times faster than my capability). Reaching their levels required more specialized ASIC hardware (not just a single USB key-sized device).
The higher performing Bitcoin mining hardware was all backordered or available only from relatively unestablished companies that I would not want to send thousands of dollars for. Furthermore, the hardware seems to only really be usable for Bitcoin mining; it had no other obvious utility.
BUT, through cryptsy it was easily possible to convert other altcoins into BTC or vice-versa. Litecoin, Dogecoin, and others were mentioned in several mainstream news articles. Dogecoin was treated as a joke and novelty. However, on looking into it, along with several other altcoins, I decided it was more than serious.
Few or no other altcoins seemed to have all these properties to the same degree as Dogecoin. I started CPU-mining it immediately, lacking any GPU hardware in my house (I am not a gamer).
Even the modest CPU power in my home PCs (used for web surfing, primarily) was able to generate a little less than 1,000 DOGE per day (which was roughly $0.25 - $0.30 at the time). Not super-impressive, but enough to play with and check out the rest of the Dogecoin universe.
I became hooked. I decided that not only was this a fun thing to play with, but it was also potentially a very good investment. Not having much spare cash, not having a high risk tolerance, and not having any desire in being a "speculator", I decided that rather than convert USD to Dogecoin, I would build a more capable mining computer. I will share more details on this later, if there is interest.
Dogecoin mining on GPUs and CPUs is easy, and the cost of building a machine for this is very reasonable, considering that the machine has many other uses, including:
This is vastly superior to me, compared to investing the same amount of money in Bitcoin hardware, which is useless for anything else. Rather than speculating in Bitcoins, I decided there was no risk at all in building a computer with high-powered GPUs that would be useful for Dogecoin's scrypt-based altcoin mining, since even if it never made economic sense, I could use the system for many other things.
I had not built a PC in over 10 years, and would up spending about $2000. Since yesterday night, I am now mining Dogecoin at a consistent rate of 1.2 MH/s (my hardware can go to 1.6 MH/s, but the temperatures did not seem healthy to me, so I slowed it down while I study them).
This is extremely fun, and I'm proud to be contributing to the Dogecoin ecosystem.
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New to mining - USB block erupters worth it?

I've been around since the days of sub-$1 bitcoins, but I never gave myself the chance to start mining. I know difficulty has skyrocketed, but is it still worth it to mine with one or more USB block erupters? Aside from base ROI, bitcoin price increase may play a role for myself. I'd rather pay more now to pay less later, if that makes sense.
If not, any alternatives? I have 2 BTC to my name, which I would drop into mining equipment if it's really worth it at all.
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[WTB] ASICMINER ASIC USB Block Erupters Sapphire or Emerald - I will pay more BTC than you will ever mine!

A big thank you goes out to chairoverflow, halonuke, and jmacdowall for trusting in their great leader enough to send the product before receiving payment.
I will be checking my mailbox daily and will send out 0.025 BTC for each block erupter I receive.
And now, back to our regularly scheduled program.
Hey guys,
I've decided I'm going to give my friends and relatives block erupters for the holidays. I am looking for around 10-20 of them.
I am paying 0.025 BTC per Block Erupter, shipped to Canada. According to the genesis block's calculations I will only ever lose money on this purchase, so it's a good deal for you the seller! (See: for further confirmation of that fact)
If you have one to sell, and are looking to become a successful /BitMarket seller, there is no better way to do it than getting the thumbs up from one of the moderators!
Here's how it works...
1) PM me or leave a comment here stating you are interested in selling a Block Erupter USB shipped to Canada for 0.025 BTC each.
2) I will respond to you confirming I am still interested in buying your Block Erupter and send you my shipping address via PM.
3) You ship the block erupter to my address however you see fit. Include your reddit username and/or desired Bitcoin payment address in the delivery envelope.
4) Once I receive shipment and confirm the Block Erupter is working I will send the 0.025 BTC to your desired Bitcoin address. I will not be paying for broken block erupters. Be sure to place it in a ziplock with some padding if you send it in an envelope.
Why should you sell me your block erupters without Escrow? You shouldn't. However, seeing as I am the moderator of /BitMarket and /BitcoinMining for the last few years I can assure you I'm not trying to scam you out of 0.025 BTC or your Block Erupters.
Thanks for reading!
EDIT: Yes I just stickied this post... I have curated this subreddit for years so I think it's fair enough. I will unsticky this post and edit it once I am no longer buying.
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Block Erupter Sapphire not working with CGMiner

I'm having trouble getting my Block Erupter to mine for me. I'm running Vista 32 bit (ugh) with CGMiner 3.3.0. I think I have the drivers installed and I can see my device on COM3. I'm pretty much using a shortcut with the script below:
C:\cgminer\cgminer-nogpu.exe -o [pool]:[port] -u [username].[worker] -p [password] --icarus-options 115200:1:1 --icarus-timing 3.0=100 -S //./COM3
It just opens and crashes, though. When I try to run it in a command prompt it tells me
USB init, open device failed, err -12, you need to install a WinUSB driver for - AMU device 1:1 Icarus detect (1:1) failed to initialise (incorrect device?) No devices detected! Waiting for USB hotplug devices or press q to quit
I'm using this driver.
Where am I going wrong?
/edit: Basically I'm following this guide because it's the only one I can find that offers help.
/edit edit: installed zadig and replaced the driver, and removed the -S //./COM3, and now I just get "No devices detected!" It's progress, but still not working. :(
/update 3: Switched to bfgminer and that seems to be working. Oddly enough, I'm showing 3 sets of hashes. it shows up something like 520/436/600Mh/s. I'm a little noobish yet with mining, so I'm not sure what this means. I only have one GPU and one Erupter. Why would I show 3 sets that high?
/update 4: Thanks so much for your help! I now have my Block Erupter up and running alongside my GPU. Vista administrator mode is what finally got it working for me.
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Any experience selling on

I've recently started selling large batches of ASICMiner USB's on bitmit, bitcointalk, and coingig. All sales are going well except for on coingig. I received my first coingig order today, the buyer paid, and I shipped and entered the tracking number into coingig. Supposedly, their escrow service is such that as soon as you enter the tracking number, the funds are released to the seller (minus fees).
Well it's now been a few hours and I haven't seen a single satoshi! It's a bit concerning when you're selling products that are hundreds of dollars each.
I'd love to hear some feedback from others before continuing with their site - I PM'd the owners on reddit and sent an email on the site and haven't heard back. Barring that, I suppose I'll pull my items off the site tonight until this is resolved.
RESOLUTION: I heard back from support this evening and through some detective work on their end, found that payment was made to my bitcoin address but for some reason it wasn't being displayed in my mobile or web wallets. To clear things up: if you sell an item on coingig, the proceeds from the sale (minus fees) are credited to your bitcoin address immediately upon providing shipping tracking number. I can now confirm that happened in this case. Their escrow is different than bitmit's in that bitmit requires a positive response from the buyer before the funds are released to the seller.
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I'm Almost There. I Am So Excited!

I know it's not a big deal for many of you here, but in less than a week I will have my first full bitcoin. It's been a fun 6 months getting to this point, and I am looking forward to going to the moon!
Here's how I got to where I am now.
Back towards the last half of December, 2013 I started purchasing a little bit of bitcoin. .03 one day, .05 the next, etc. It was just a couple of hundred bucks total, but at the time it was all I could afford to lose.
Then around the beginning of January the value of bitcoin rose to where I had doubled my initial investment, and I cashed out at about $400.
I was hooked however, and I used that money to purchase a couple Antminer U1 USB miners. I also started a little cryptocoin blog.
From there I used the BTC I mined, more cash, and some very beneficial trades with a local buddy to increase my mining capabilities. I had a couple Block Erupter Cubes at one point, then later sold them on eBay, and bought an Antminer S1.
But my addiction didn't end there. I continued to reinvest the BTC I was mining, and some cash to purchase a couple more Antminer S1's as well as cables, power supplies, etc. Whenever possible I purchased what I needed from and other places using bitcoin rather than cash.
So, now I have 3 Antminer S1 units, and a few miscellaneous USB miners digging away at about 606 Mh/s. When I got my 3rd Antminer S1 I decided that was enough mining equipment (....for now LOL), and I started letting the BTC accumulate rather than spending it.
I have actually mined almost 2 BTC at this point, but there has never been a point where I had a total of 1 whole BTC at any one time. I kept spending it on mining, as well as a few other items I wanted. Things like bitcoin stickers for my car.
In less than a week that is about to end, and I will be joining those lucky few who actually have at least 1 BTC.
Now that I know the time it's going to take me to get to 1 BTC will not be affected by another difficulty increase I am able to predict the approximate date and time that I will reach a total of 1 BTC.
People outside the bitcoin world just wouldn't understand my excitement at almost reaching a total of 1 BTC. They would think I was nuts (and maybe I am a little bit). But I know that many of you here can appreciate how I am feeling.
Thanks to everyone here for all that you do in support of the bitcoin community! I couldn't have gotten here without you all.
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Dr Jally or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the ASIC.

I was a late comer to the bitcoin love, I started mining last summer, nothing major, have never had more than 600Mh/s to my name really... but on a whim I ordered a Jalapeno in late august, and then I tried to put it out of my mind as everyone else fought over if BFL would ever ship or not, etc.... I just figured that worst case, the money was gone really... lo and behold, it arrived about 3 weeks ago, let me briefly share a few things, as some of my tinkering and experiments may benefit others:
This past weekend I opened the little black box of mystery and had some fun:
I plugged everything back in, powered up my host... and noticed my jally was just flashing like crazy and my host couldn't see it. uh-oh. I powered it off, back on, and it was fine. Since then I've powered it off about 10-20 times, and twice it would go into "super fast flash like crazy but not work" mode. Simply unplugging and replugging would solve it. I have not dug into this at all, but I think it's failing to init or pass the boot up tests. There's word around town that you can tweak the firmware to push speed further or reduce the strictness of the tests it does, but I'm happy with what I've got, so I'm leaving it:
Right now
Other than to change coins or work on my host system (now that it's a raspberry pi I don't think I'll be changing it much more), it's been running non-stop at around that rate/temp since the weekend.
Right now my little rPi host is bashing away, with the jally and three block erupters (I know they'll most likely never reach ROI for themselves by themselves, I just wanted to tinker, but still may add a couple more to break 10Gh total just for bonus points), the jally firmware "upgrade" everyone talks about is really designed for one of the other models (the bigger ones), and that's why I think it reports as "BFL 0h" or "BFL 0d" I assume "d" and "h" are the two ASIC spots on the jally board that actually have chips on them in the jally...
I figure all in I'm looking at around... lets say $650 and 90 watts (max) total for ~8.29Gh/s... The erupters really distort my numbers right now, (without them it'd be more like $350 and 80 watts (max) for ~7.3Gh/s)... but again, hashrate is addictive.
The jally power supply has always seemed to run hot to me, even before I pushed the update firmware, so I may try and find a biggebetter quality PS for it, and more erupters will sadly mean I need a new usb hub, as my current one is only rated for 5v 2A, and it has to be close to that with 3 erupters, the pi, and the usb fan. :/ So I guess I've still got more investment to go, but it's just a hobby, I can quit anytime, right?
tl;dr edition (or what I learned, without the story):
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How I fall in love with bitcoins these days

 Actually, I was an PCB board foreign trade salesman, working on alibaba platform for 3 years since graduated from university. However, about 6 months ago, I remembered that was an sunny afternoon, my boss(a really professional PCB、PCBA man) call me to had a cup of tea with him. “he must have some idea again” I know. Then I felt very nervous, praying he gave me some good news like increase salary for me or something similar, but not fire me. God bless me. He really share me an surprising product.- Bitcoin asicminer. 
2013,9th, Sep BITCOIN ASICMINER, this new word then accompanied me for the last days till today. Since 2012, I have learned something about bitcoins from my friend. I know that [Bitcoin is a kind of network virtual currency, anyone in the world can use to purchase virtual items, such as clothes, hats, equipment in network game,etc. Certainly, you can also use bitcoins to purchase items in real life as long as the seller accept. However, the most special point for bitcoin is that the issue, circulation and management of bitcoins does not belong to any person, organization, company or any country. In another words, it’s equally and belong to everyone who participate in. Anyone who have a computer, connecting to network, and then running a free open source software can be involved. There is never such thing that anyone who as an administrator or who have the center node or privilege. That calls BITCOIN SYSTEM, a equally peer-to-peer(P2P) systems. Most important of all, BITCOIN SYSTEM can promise as below: 1. the total quantity of bitcoins is certained. 2.the quantity of bitcoins increase at a slow pace, but not sudden increase. 3. bitcoins will eventually increase to a certain quantity, but not unlimited growth. 4. the above characteristics are guaranteed by a recognized mathematical formula, do not need any guarantee come from any person, any organization or country. 5.the circulation of bitcoins do not need any intermediaries and the transfer process is not subject to interference]. So this news asicminer is a big surprise for me. At the first week, I was curious about this magical hardware , but then I nearly crazy about it. 2013,9th, Sep 13:46
 As time by, we learn more and more(an crazy increase speed) people are interested in bitcoin,, either to be a miner mining or invest bitcoins. About half an month later, I was called to have a cup of tea again. This time, I was exciting. As expected, boss asked: If you want to sell bitcoin asicminer on aliexpress? My answer is YES, without any hesitation. Then my experience with bitcoin asicminer hardware begain……… Then our store--- China BTC Electronics Co.,LTD ( opened, our asicminer begain selling on aliexpress. At first, we selling 330MH/S USB asicminer, then we selling 10gh/s blade asicminer and till today, we add 10gh/s mini blade asicminer selling 
2013,10th,Sep 10:05
 Here want to share some experience with my customer. My first customer is an gentleman from Russian. I remembered it was about 16:00 on Monday, trandemanager pop up a message. He very nice to say hello to me and told me he came from Russian and was a newer very interested in bitcoins, want to try to have a USB block erupter, but wonder if we can teach he how to use and wonder if we can ship to him immediately. That’s absolutely what we should service for our customers. Then online we talked about how to use step by step, and I promised him when we confirm receiving his payment, we will arrange shipment in 24 hours. Half an hour later, he told me everything is ok. And pop up again, aliexpress notice me my customer place order and 1 minutes later, he paid the payment. I was so exciting. That was my first customer and so nice an communication process. Next day moring, I confirmed payment. WOW, before noon, I arrange the shipment. ……later, later, this customer feedback, it’s vey nice, and buy 5 units again. Considered he was my old customer, at that time, I gave him an discount. Haha, good experience!!! 
2013,11th,Sep 15:16
 Another very interesting customer from Brazil who is now become my friend. We always chat on skype, chat some latest news about bitcoin, bitcoin hardware. He is really an senior man for bitcoin.. I remembered that was midnight, I was in sleeping, and my trademanager on mobile phone pop up a message, which really scared me, you can image that in mindnight, and your mobile phone suddenly rang, how horrible a thing. “Customer is our God” I have to wake up. (Saleman is really working 24 hours.) Then he told me he want an 10gh/s hardware,but wander if we can help him make the invoice value smaller which is convenient for him to let custom clearance smoothly in Brazil. And hope we can ship to him in one week. 7 days later, he told me he received the asicminer form UPS and gave us a 100% positive feedback. Really thanks!!! What’s more, he introduced his friends to buy asicminers in my store( Here thanks he again. And also thanks his friends trusting us. 
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Three Block Erupter USB(-related) contests at BitcoinTalk

TRS here - just thought I'd point /Bitcoin to three Block Erupter USB contests I've set up at the BitcoinTalk forums:
I'd be happy to field any questions and comments here, but do note that participation is only through the BitcoinTalk forum.
Contests overview
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[WTB] USB Block Erupters for 0.01 BTC each - I am buying everything you have at that price!

YOU: Have block erupters? Not making ROI?
That's more BTC than you could ever mine from a block erupter. At current difficulty they are pulling in a whopping 0.00007679 BTC/day according to this link:
Which means it would take you 130 days to mine another 0.01 BTC, and that's only if the difficulty never increases... which it will: (it's projected to increase 2% per day for the next 30 days as of today according to the second last graph).
Send me a PM if you're interested. I will PM you back my address. Once I receive the block erupters at my address, I will send the BTC to your Bitcoin address which you can write down and place inside the package or send me via PM.
WHY DO YOU WANT TO PAY MORE THAN THESE THINGS ARE WORTH? That's a great question. I may be asking myself the same someday. I mainly give them out as gifts to those interested in bitcoin/bitcoin-mining. I give some to friends/relatives/out-in-public/at poker games/etc...
I have done this once before with good results...
Escrow is out of the question because the price is so low. Not to mention I'm a moderator of this subreddit for a few years now so I can guarantee you I will not run with your $10 to risk my reputation.
Feel free to leave any questions in the comment section below!
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BNIB: ASICMiner Bitcoin USB ASIC Block Erupter Miner – 336 MH/s

This high Quality USB miner is ready to ship!
You are buyinga ASICminer USB Block Erupter ASIC hashing device. It runs at 336 MH/s.
Product is brand new new. It has been plugged in only for testing, and it works perfectly.
Product is on hand and will ship same or next business day upon receipt of payment.
Send 0.60 BTC to the address below and message me with shipping instructions
Bitcoin payment address: 1Myb25jVibRzwTpKsDHp3XmuTjtSg6DYom
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Mini Bitcoin Mining Rig with 11 USB Block Erupter from ... Mining Bitcoin with BFGMiner and a ASICMiner USB Block Erupter ASIC Block Erupter (336 mh/s!) Bitcoin miner USB Block Eurpter box opening ASIC How to setup a Block Erupter - YouTube

Neues Angebot ASICminer USB Block Erupter Original Bitcoin Miner FAST SHIPPING no antminer. EUR 39,99. 0 Gebote. EUR 3,00 Versand. Endet am Mittwoch, 20:18 MESZ 22Std 59 Min Lieferung an Abholstation Produktart: Bitcoin Miner. ASICMINER Bitcoin ASIC USB Miner Block Erupter 333MH/s RARE BTC BCH Bitcoin Cash. EUR 49,99. Produktart: Bitcoin Miner. EUR 5,99 Versand. oder Preisvorschlag. 1 x Miner ... Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Asicminer Block Erupter USB 330 MH S Sapphire Miner bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel! offers 211 bitcoin block erupter products. About 1% of these are electronic data systems. A wide variety of bitcoin block erupter options are available to you, ASICMiner Block Erupter USB 330MH/s Sapphire Miner. The Sapphire Block Erupters were the first Bitcoin USB miners. They have 330 MH/s of hash power which would net you less than $0.01 per month. It may be a good choice just to see how mining works, but like with most USB miners: do not expect to turn a profit. GekkoScience Compac USB Stick Bitcoin Miner. The GekkoScience miners is just ... Ich habe im Internet nach Mining-Hardware gesucht und festgestellt, dass eine neue Technologie verfügbar ist, die als "Bitcoin-USB-Block-Erupter" für das Mining von Bitcoins mit 300 MHz / S bekannt ist . Ich möchte nur wissen, ob es nützlich ist, diese Hardware anstelle von GPU-Mining zu verwenden und wie man den Breakeven-Punkt für sie berechnet. PS: Ich habe bei Google nach vielen ...

[index] [12588] [34176] [43522] [38465] [18680] [5567] [48468] [20074] [29310] [10357]

Mini Bitcoin Mining Rig with 11 USB Block Erupter from ...

In this video I go over how to setup a Block Erupter for Bitcoin mining. Don't forget to support me on Patreon: Video by Dungeon Studios Prototyping: https:/... Donations for any help appreciated :) 1PMrJ6TmkHwKVoChpuBpsjttoH8yEK9C8m Just to actually show you how silent this is - nothing compared to my 2011 rig with ... This video features a screen grab of BFGMiner solo mining Bitcoin using a single ASICMiner Block Erupter also known as Sapphire Block Erupter Bitcoin USB Min... USB Block Erupter video I meant to post a while ago. It shows the USB block Erupters up close and personal. Ethereum 2.0 LIVE - Blockchain & Exchange, Finance, Investments 2020 and the Future of Money Ethereum 2.0 [News] 6,343 watching Live now Beginner Swing Trading with the TTM Squeeze - Duration: 21:36.