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Vladimir (Atlantis admin) official statement

I saw this posted in the SR forum and figured I would repost in case others have difficulty accessing the forums. Hi all,
It has come to our attention that some users on Silk Road believe the following;
1. That I am a scammer and was involved in a Ponzi scam on Silk Road. 2. The moderators at Atlantis market are deleting user comments. 3. Our forums term of use policy is aimed to arrest people and record information. 4. That we are DDoS'ing Silk Road. 5. Our PGP system is crackable.
I'd like to take the time to address each point and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reply to this thread. The staff members at Atlantis and I are happy to address your questions.
1) This belief has come into existence as 'Vladimir' was a scammer on Silk Road and thus people thought I was the same person as him. Unfortunately without knowing Vladimir's past history, this is my name and the one I have chosen to use. Hypothetically if I was Vladimir, why would I use a scammers alias at a market place which deals directly with user funds? It wouldn't help build trust in our market place and doesn't make any sense at all. Its the equivalent of pirateat40 creating a new Bitcoin Savings and Trust scheme and asking people to re-invest in it. We're proud to say that in our 7 weeks of operation, we have suffered no down time, no users have lost funds and security concerns have been addressed promptly (like increasing PGP key support up to 16Kbits).
2) We have deleted posts only related to spam, posts involving unfounded claims or accusations (FUD) and have deleted no posts in which people have given us criticism, bug reports or requests about improving security. You can check the relevant forum sections to find examples of this. We actively encourage this feedback as it helps us create a better market place. We are here to help users and are happy to reply to any security concerns or criticism you have. We have also created a sticky topic in the general forums for people to post whatever conspiracy theories they like. We will not be moderating this thread however the other forum rules still apply.
3) We used the default term of service which comes with the forum software. You can find an exact replica when you download and install the SMF software. This has now been updated.
4) We believe competition is healthy and believe that Dead Pirate Roberts is a great leader. We also need to shed the light that Silk Road has had technical issues in the past, even when we weren't around. Things like item listing image hijacking, denial of service attacks, site upgrades and switching hosting providers all caused down time. Although it would assist in us gaining more market share if our largest competitor is down, we have no desire to resort to dodgy tactics. We believe that what goes around comes around.
5) The auto-encryption service only works IF the user or vendors uploads their PGP public key (we support key sizes of 1024 - 16384 bits). However, Atlantis also supports manual encryption outside of Atlantis in which users can use a PGP client to encrypt their message. Atlantis administrators and law enforcement could not decipher the encrypted message without the users private key. With all this said, the security comes down to the end user. If they don't trust the auto-encryption service, they can STILL manually encrypt the message outside of Atlantis and thus there is absolutely no risk of anyone being able to decipher the message. To this day, PGP with large key sizes (>= 4096bits) is still uncrackable, you can find more information about it here: Noting: 'there is no known method which will allow a person or group to break PGP encryption by cryptographic or computational means.'
As stated earlier, if you have any concerns please don't hesitate to reply to this thread. Lastly, we'd like to thank all the people who have put their trust in Atlantis and believe in where we are heading. The ride is only just starting and we're glad to have you as part of Atlantis
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German authorities, with the help of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), have confiscated about $30 million in bitcoin from an operator of a pirate movie website. An unspecified amount ... Bitcoin Savings & Trust (abbreviated as BST) was a ponzi scheme operated by Trendon Shavers (then known as Pirate).It was launched in November 2011 as First Pirate Savings & Trust.Pirate claimed to have been selling bitcoins to some local tight-lipped buyers, and that he started BST to provide more volume to these buyers. By selling invested bitcoins at a high rate and rebuying them at the ... In August 2012, Trendon T. Shavers (aka "Pirate" and "pirateat40"), the founder and operator of "Bitcoin Savings and Trust" (BTCST), [111] a ... The Mantria Corporation Ponzi scheme has been described as the "biggest green energy scam" in United States history. A Federal judge in the Securities and Exchange Commission's civil case found Mantria had scammed more than $54.5 million “by ... Bitcoin is a Bubble, a Pirate and a Disaster. by Andrea Cedeño · February 8, 2018. General Manager of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), Agustín Carstens, gave a talk at Goethe University in its House of Finance, Tuesday, 6 February in Frankfurt. Titled “Money in the Digital Age: What Role for Central Banks?”, the talk saw Mr. Carstens acknowledge “We have seen a bit of a ... Trendon Shavers (known as Pirateat40 or simply Pirate) was the operator of the largest scam in bitcoin history: he operated a ponzi scheme which initially promised a guaranteed a daily profit of 1%, and then disappeared with an unknown amount of bitcoins in August 2012.Thoughts were that the amount was about 500,000 bitcoins, valued around US $5 million at the time.

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